24 September 2023
Forza Horizon 5 Update v1.480.477.0
UPDATE Size:- 5 GB
You need to be on v1.478.20.0 to install this Update.
Codex CrackLink1 

Full Online Fix: Link1

How to install this update:
1- extract
2- Paste & Replace Update files in Game folder
3- Play
Forza Horizon 5 Update 1.480.477.0, Forza Horizon 5 Update 11, Forza Horizon 5 v1.480.477.0

4 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 5 Only Update v1.480.477.0 (Copy Paste Update)

  1. Calm down buddy, the guys are fast at updates, wait a little, the DLC + update was released moments ago(for me at least). I expect that they post it tomorrow.

  2. i was waiting for 8 months to play this dlc and finally it have been released so i'm very curious to play this dlc.

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