24 July 2024

 Forza Horizon 5 Update v1.563.816.0

UPDATE Size:- 8 GB
You need to be on v1.553.89.0 to install this Update.
Full Online Fix Files V3: Link1   Link2
Note if Game Don’t start try these:


– Remove C:Usersuser_nameAppDataLocalForzaHorizon5 folder.
– Be sure you are launching game with ForzaHorizon5_loader.exe & Run as Administrator.
– Try setting up on the ForzaHorizon5 folder read-only flag and vice-versa.
– Try restarting your PC.


How to use Full online fix files:
1- Extract update.
2- Paste & Replace in Game files Paste Full Online Fix Files V3.
3- Run Steam in background, Launch game with ForzaHorizon5_loader.exe as Run as Administrator otherwise you will receive Error 5.
4- Login with Xbox account & Play
Forza Horizon 5 Update 1.553.89.0
Forza Horizon 5 Update 16
Forza Horizon 5 v1.553.89.0

11 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 5 Only Update v1.563.816.0 (Copy Paste Update)

  1. This update is not working. When click on game icon only black screen is running, and then getting out of the game. Kindly upload IRZ update.

  2. Thanks Didipici, I did everything but not working. How did you do it from first step after downloading the 8gb update? I did like this: rename the game folder to ForzaHorizon5/copy and overwrite the new update/delete every folder except media & dlc/copy new online fix v2/run the game>>> black screen started and game gets out. Any solution guys?

  3. first i copy+pasted update, then online fix v2 over it, it wasnt working

    2nd i removed anything except media and dlc folders, then online fix v2, still wasnt working

    but then i renamed Forza Horizon 5 to ForzaHorizon5 and voala, its working now

    im in the game in new season

  4. Thanks dear, I went just like your way step by step and did not get the result. But at the end of your solution, I again copied/overwrite the new update over online fix v2, and the game suddenly worked!
    For others, try all solutions that we mentioned, one of them must work for sure.

  5. Guys always backup your game folder before adding any new update for not losing all files. It happened to me twice and I had to download the whole game again.

    Regarding to this update, Of course it has a problem as somehow worked for me by above instruction, but totally these copy & paste updates methods are not good and has so many problems as experienced. The better update method is related to IRZ by installation.

    Try all above instruction maybe one of them worked. If not we have to wait for IRZ installation update.

  6. (sorry for my previous comment)
    I discovered that if you change the name of the game folder to random letters it opens but it only happens once after that it doesn't open with the same name, how can I fix it?

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