21 June 2024

Forza Horizon 5

UPDATE Size:- 31 GB

You need to be on v1.567.563.0 to install this Update.

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1fichier Direct Link

Full Online Fix Files V5: Link1   Link2

Full Offline Files: Link1   Link2

How to install Update

– 40 Gb of free space is required while installing the update
– After installing the update the game will “grow” to 160 Gb
– Run Patch.exe from Update folder
– Specify the folder with the game, click Start, wait for the files to be checked and the update to be installed
– Paste Online crack files or Offline crack files whatever you want.
– Launch the game from the ForzaHorizon5_loader.exe file in the game’s main directory

39 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 5 Only Update v1.573.834.0

  1. the update from patch.exe has been successful but the game won’t launch..it appear a small forza windows and closed immedietely

      1. when it started verification process, it said some files do not exist or are missing even tho all of last updates worked i dont what happened

        1. When it started verficaion process it said some file do not exist or are missing even tho all of last updates

  2. i got an error that say “file hash mismatch! please check your program version!” how can i fix it?

    1. use vpn then before click on (click here to download the file) button turn off vpn then click on (click here to download the file) button and download file

  3. why when teleporting, my game is stuck loading??, and some of the pictures on the playlist festival also don’t load??

  4. its not working for me, its telling me, my gpu is not supported, if warning ignored, it stucks even before opening screen, whole black

    ive played today previous version without problem

      1. i did before i wrote my first comment

        but later i figured out, tak online fix v5 has just few files, but i deleted folders except media and dlc

        so it was likely the reason, but still not working (i copied there online fix v4 and again v5 over it, but wasnt enough, at least unsupported gpu message is gone as there is d3d12 folder)

  5. not working..
    patch verifies & applies, then when checking the hash, finds missing files and tries to auto roll back, however the roll back crashes leaving corrupt game files..
    Thought it might be a dodgy DL, so DL’d it again fresh and same result..
    DL’d from your Fichier link btw.. Corrupt upload?

    1. can you help me on how to rehash my game, i have the exact same problem as you man, and did you manage to fix?

  6. can you make an offline game update (from 1.522.259.0 ) to latest update ?
    couz last offline fix version is too far to update individually and it is about 60gb in size.

    this will help a lot of players. 😊

  7. i got black screen after first start for 10 sec and then crashed, can u pls help me what to do about it?

      1. Dears,
        I had the same problem with this mentioned error and did everything, but could not find a solution. Therefore I had to download whole new updated game (160GB) again, Cuz this error showed that I had some missing files in my game folder.

  8. why every time i applied the patch, halfway through the process an error came out saying its failed as i don’t have original file bla3 while my game is already on the previous latest patch??? Help needed…

  9. Cant install this says some files are missing and division by zero, Where I can find the full game torrent to rehash. I need v1.573 version torrent. cant find it anywhere..

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