21 June 2024

Forza Horizon 5

UPDATE Size:- 3 GB

You need to be on v1.583.19.0 to install this Update.


Pixeldrain Direct Link


1fichier Direct Link


Full Online Fix Files: Link1   Link2

Full Offline Files: Link1   Link2

Rune Offline Crack: Link1   Link2


How to install Update

– Run Patch.exe from Update folder
– Specify the folder with the game, click Start, wait for the files to be checked and the update to be installed
– Paste Online crack files or Offline crack files whatever you want.
– Launch the game from the ForzaHorizon5_loader.exe file in the game’s main directory

33 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 5 Update v1.588.95.0

  1. Does not work dear TeamKong. When clicking on Icon or Loader, nothing happens.
    Can we have IRZ updates?

  2. Guys I just learned how to Rehash the game. Just carefully follow below steps :

    1-Download the game’s update from here and install it into your game folder.
    (ALWAYS backup your game before installing any update)

    —Rehashing would be with the original downloaded files still in the folder, but the new torrent to download with the EXACT same destination folder. This way the torrent manager will check what files do you have and what files are missed (For my side I missed 21Gb out of 161Gb of the whole game after this update)—

    2-Now download the torrent whole game file v1.588.95.0 from TeamKong. Select start downloading and then Stop downloading to allow the torrent to create the game folder. Go to this created Folder and delete everything, copy the updated game files, which you already have from step 1, in this folder.

    3-Now the most important part, download the torrent file again and select the SOURCE of your Game folder before downloading (Do not select the exact game folder which will allow torrent to download the whole game). Let the torrent start, It will check the missing files from your folder and then download only those missed files.

    4-When the missing files are downloaded, copy offline or online crack of v1.588.95.0 from TeamKong and enjoy!

    Hope this help.

  3. is this version only for the amigo version or what , because i have my own version and not the amigo version .

      1. doesnt work for the fitgirl repack, when I has it doesnt find any file and instead it begins to download them all

  4. hi , i rehashed the game and added the online fix ; the game opens normally shows that it s 1.588.95 then when u try to go online ( horizon life) it says no compatible FH5 multiplayer servers found and it doesnt let u go online . if u try to download the 2 new cars from the message center , it says u need to connect ect … its like the game still thinks it s on the older version yet it shows that it s on the latest version .. what do i do to fix this ?

    1. Use only the latest online fix files for v1.588.95.0 from TeamKong and follow the instruction there. It should be fine.
      If not, Rehash your game again mentioned by my instruction in above.

  5. Is it possible to have old installer? The one with selecting game folder where notification would say that valid version is detected? Those worked like a charm!
    This one is a lot more complicated and honestly confusing.

      1. I’ve read it couple of times man but honestly i find it confusing af. It’s maybe just me.
        If you feel like it, maybe you can make quick video tutorial of how you did it.

          1. I want to thank you, AshPd’s tutorial did it for me. Installed and played, all working flawlessly.
            I appreciate you!

    1. I’ve shared the instruction above, step by step dear. And that worked like a charm. Just follow each step by details.

      1. I appreciate for that bruh, but can i contact with you via what ever you want please ?

  6. Damn, i installed this update from 1.81 to 1.88 when i have 1.83. Now the game doesn’t work, what should i do ?

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