21 May 2024

Forza Horizon 5

UPDATE Size:- 4 GB

You need to be on v1.600.803.0 or v1.604.481.0 to install this Update.


Pixeldrain Direct Link


1fichier Direct Link


Full Online Fix Files: Link1   Link2

Full Offline Files: Link1   Link2

Rune Offline Crack: Link1   Link2


How to install Update

– Run setup from Update folder

– Browse Game Location, click Start, wait for update to be installed.

-After update installed Rhash Your game with full game torrent

– Paste Online crack files or Offline crack files whatever you want.

– Play Enjoy

29 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 5 Update v1.607.493.0

  1. how to apply this 4gb update on new fresh install. is there any way or version of the full game? thank you.

  2. Guys just rehash the game from the full game files. It’s not worth downloading only the update. After updating you have to rehash it, so directly rehash it. If rehash without this update it’s 14GB if rehash after updating 4GB +14GB. So no point of downloading only the update.

  3. i rehashed the game and it worked . but i then when i opened the game i got hit with my 3rd ban for modding ( 1 month this time ) and i didnt mod , i ve never modded on FH5 ever ..

  4. It did work for me after rehashing but got hit with a ban for modding or cheating but havn’t done any of it in FH5 now i have to wait for 14days before,

  5. For everyone who wants to play by OnlineFix:

    Do not use online fix as you will be banned. I got banned twice and this time for 14days! (First ban time is for 5 days, and third ban time will be for 1 month as mentioned above by another player)

    I even removed two new paid Carpack from OnlineFix file, but did not change anything to not get banned.
    It seems that Forza is now going to ban everyone who are using Non-Original Game on online servers. I just decided to go for original game to buy because it’s not worth to get banned each time.

      1. I hope bro, but till now no.
        I got banned for previous update for the first time, and now for the second time by this update. I bought the game as I got pissed due to this banned timings.
        You may buy the original game on steam as it got perfect discount there.

        1. yup just chacked .. 30$ seems a good price , but i dont react well to threats or being forced to do something and banning me seems like forcing me to buy the game which i ll never do . so i ll play until they perma ban me and i ll just stop ( just in case later on they have a better discount that even 50% .. if i buy the game and i want to use my old account , will that work , and will it work if i already got the perma ban , like does that work even if i buy the game then it wont let me play ? ) and thanks for the response

          1. No problem. I will check your questions after installing the original games in incoming week by my old banned account as they are my questions too.
            I hope I would not start the game from the first step as I went too far in this game.

  6. DON’T Update the game. your GAme account will be banned by Forza.I got banned for a month after playing Onlinefix

    1. Get full game torrent link with latest version. Start the download and pause it after 10 seconds(due to creat game file).
      Delete the files what is download in to the new location and paste your main game files to the location. Go to the torrent and continue the download. Now it will rehash. It will detect the missing files and they will download to you main game. (I got 10GB Missing files).
      Do not paste online fix files. I’m not done it too due to this I’m still playing online.

      1. i already did this but i also added the online fix files aaaand got banned for a month , i was just asking to see if they found a solution to that problem

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