12 April 2024

Forza Horizon 5

UPDATE Size:- 5 GB

You need to be on v1.607.493.0 to install this Update.


Pixeldrain Direct Link


1fichier Direct Link


Full Online Fix Files: Link1   Link2

Full Offline Files: Link1   Link2

Rune Offline Crack: Link1   Link2


How to install Update

– Run setup from Update folder

– Browse Game Location, click Start, wait for update to be installed.

– Paste Online crack files or Offline crack files whatever you want.

– Play Enjoy

39 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 5 Update v1.614.70.0

  1. the game doesnt open ( it shows the mini FH5 window and then it closes and nothing happens …. ) i did rehash and apply the online fix like i m supposed to .. how to fix it ?

        1. It really sucks, my fav game and since update 1.604 its not gonna open, i did complet rehash, it crashed after fh5 logo appeared, did update from 1.594 and still crashing no matter what. Did anyone have any fix pls? renaming the folder doesnt work, nothing works

      1. i did find a solution actually … go to your game folder and delete all what’s after Forza Horizon 5 ( yes change the name by deleting what comes after the game’ s name ) and it fixed it for me .. and plz tell me if u get banned after u open the game or no because i m already serving a 1 month ban since last update and the 18th i ll be free so i want to know if i ll get banned again

        1. WOW it worked ..thanx a lot mate and NO i didnt got banned ..i severed my 2weeks after the last update..thanx mate

        2. That worked. So dumb, but it worked.
          To all: Folder’s name is Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition Steam By Xenia or something. Delete everything after Forza Horizon 5 and that’s it.
          Unreal haha.

    1. rename the folder as forza horizon 5 and it works, if it still does not, go ahead and turn of real time protection from settings

  2. Thanks man, forgot I had to do that a few updates back too. Just logged in, was banned on the previous updates 1 and 2 weeks respectively, now after the rehash, I only replaced ForzaProtocolSelector.exe and steam_api64.dll with the ones from the previous version online fix. Didn’t get a ban yet, but I’m still holding my breath until the season changes. Would suck to get banned now, since you need to be online to get the 2 Rivian cars.

    1. esta es la mejor solicion señores, es importantante lo del nombre de la carpeta del juego y los dos archivos que menciona, los de la ultima actualizacion no funcionan asi que hay que usaR lo de la vercion anterior

  3. my game was not opening i reinstalled it and renamed the folder and it still isn’t. i tried offline fix and it worked but i really want to play online so if anyone could help me that would be great

  4. First it didn’t launch. Then i did the folder rename it was already ForzaHorizon5 i made it to Forza Horizon 5. And it didn’t work. So i undid it and then it worked. I didn’t get banned. So no worrys. Did any one get banned after this update ?

  5. I connect with my account but in the game I cant connect online?!!!
    P.S:Get latest crack online in this website and replaced it.

  6. I did the update , I was on 1.607, deleted everything from the game folder except DLC an media folders, pasted Full online fix 1.614. ran FH5 loader and it did not launch
    It got stuck on 216 mb ram and 20% cpu usage and closed after 30 seconds.
    Any fix for this?

  7. For me works by changing folder name from “ForzaHorizon5” to “Forza Horizon 5”
    Run loader as administrator “ForzaHorizon5_loader” first and then as administrator “ForzaHorizon5.exe”.
    It takes about 30 seconds to starts (ad i’ve a very powerful pc), before this update run instantly.
    I don’t know how the launch change so much but the game works fine and not ban for now

  8. To Team Kong:
    This version works but it needs a stable fix because every time in order to enter the game i must rename folder from Forza Horizon 5 to ForzaHorizon5 and vice versa every time.
    It’s not a big deal but i suppose it shouldn’t be a problem for you. I don’t know if it’s an online fix or just version in general but something is not compactible.

    1. It’s the same for me. this tricks works and it’s not a problem if you know.
      Everytime pc is restarted it needs to swap the name of folder beetween theese two

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