21 June 2024
Forza Horizon 5 Premium Edition
Cracked by: P2P
Game Size: 180 GB

1fichier Direct Link

Gofile Direct Link


Full Online Fix Files v9: Link1   Link2

Full Offline Files: Link1   Link2


 How to Play
– Paste crack files .
– Launch the game from the ForzaHorizon5.exe file in the game’s main directory
System Requirement
OS: Windows 10 version 15063.0 or higher
Processor: Intel i5-4460 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVidia GTX 970 OR AMD RX 470
Storage: 110 GB available space

112 thoughts on “Forza Horizon 5 v1.649.948.0 Full Game Online & Offline Both

    1. U dont have to… Just keep the torrent in ur DL path and the new will download only whats different.

  1. after i launch the game , my laptop crashes giving the green screen of death “BAD_POOL_CALLER” . Even after resetting my windows and downloading the game again the issue isnt fixed

  2. I redownloaded the full game latest version, but it stuck on loading screen (where all the achievements are shown ) the images are going and going, but the game is not opening

    Any fix ?

  3. Hey man, Just wanna say thanks, you rock, and all the winers can go kick rocks.

  4. Guys just rehash your game with new version of the game and everything will be ok. yeah its a bit slow but you don’t have to wait for the new update link. i updated my game to version 1.600.803 with new onlinefix and works fine.

    1. Hi HotTea,
      My rehash is done. But after copying new v6 online fix files, which is only 9MB(previous online fix files were near 250MB) and clicking on the game’s icon, nothing happened. Appreciate to advise how did you open the game with this new V6 online fix files.

  5. I’ve tried both offline and online files and rune offline files but when I start the app as administrator, it shows up in task manager for like 5 seconds and it closes again. I also tried using the ForzaHorizon5loader but it gives me an error code 2. Any fix?

  6. muchas gracia por compartir el juego de 10/10 especialmente la via online, ya que ultimamente el fix online no funciona, compartire su web

  7. For those who wants to play with OnlineFix:
    DO NOT use OnlineFix files as you will be banned. I got banned twice and this time for 14days!!!
    (First ban time for me was 5 days, and third ban time will be for 1 month as it happened to another player)
    I even removed two new paid Carpack from onlinefix file, but did not change anything to not get banned.
    It seems that Forza is now going to ban everyone who are using Non-Original game on online servers. I just decided to go for original game to buy because it’s not worth to get banned each time.

  8. i was downloading the full game when suddenly after downloading 16.3GB it suddenly stopped downloading because it showed that the file contained a virus or something, anyone knows how to fix that?

  9. buenas, me gusto mucho su forma de compartir este juego de manera diferente, uno de manera local y el otro en online, ojala que no se valla el sitio web hay mucho jugadore que no pueden jugar online o no tienen suficiente dinero como comprar de manera original, un likaso por este juego que esta compartiendo

  10. Game wont start. Downloaded whole game again, online fix file for this version, and when run forza horizon loader file, logo shows on desktop and game just closes. Solution???

  11. Game not launching keeps closing in loading after signing in, i rename folders i paste v8 ull online fix files and still the same !!!! HELP

  12. Thanks for sharing …I had some problems…Why does the car package display purchased but not the car ? How to move the cars in the car package to the garage?

  13. Please provide a direct link because the torrent is showing way 1-2mbps speed while my internet plan is of 200mbps

  14. after copypasting the online fix files the game just opens and crashes instantly(without the onlinefix files too it does the same, even with the offline fix files too) and if i run the loader it shows 2 errors,
    1) error code:740
    2) online-fix detected, remove winm.dll to continue

  15. does this still work with the official xbox account or do i have to make a fake one, cause i dont wanna do that, and also does it even work

    1. con la version fix deberia estar en esta ruta disco c: usuarios/acceso publico/documento publico, en esa ruta deberia estar la carpeta con el nombre relacionado con fix o %appdata% te apareseran 3 carpetas, el mas usado es la carpeta local hay deberia estar la carpeta del juego

  16. Game wont start. I downloaded latest full version, with online fix files, but when i try to start the game, fh5 logo appears on desktop and nothing happens…any solution?

  17. Please help me out !! i moved to a new pc and i downloaded the game again and i logged to my account and all my progress got lost !!! can i get it back !???

    1. its cracked online all your progress save in Public Documents Online fix folder not in Microsoft cloud servers, if you didn’t take backup then your progress is gone

  18. failed to load onlinefix64.dll from list.
    error code: 126

    do anyone know how to solve this issue
    please help me.

    1. Black screen afther Turn 10 Video on the game …

      Its better for you to download Full Game 1.640.62.0
      And add Last Online FIx on 1.640.62.0

  19. Hi, i download full game forza horizon 5 1.640.62.0
    I have Xbox App and Steam with savegame no probleme all work before
    But now i have black screen afther Turn Video on the game ?

    What happend , the Online Fixe 1.640.62.0 not work for me

    the 1.640.62.0 not work anymore …

  20. I redownloaded the entire game and copy and pasted the documents from “FH5_Fix_Repair_Steam_V8_Generic” into the main game folder. Game is not running and every time I try to run it, it is bringing up the online fix notification.
    How do I resolve this.

  21. Download Full Game V1.640.62.0

    Apply OnlineFix V1.640.62.0 , Game start with Turn 10 Video and afther Black Screen

    Before V1.640.732 All work good no problem

    Please Team Solve the problem The V1.640 Not work Offline and Online

    PLEASE FIX !!!!!

    thanks .

  22. can someone help i cant use my duelsense 5 with this even with using a emulator its really weird coz it usually worked with other repacks

  23. que sucede con los paquetes de autos que según aparecen comprado, pero no aparecen en la lista de “mis autos”, por ejemplo, el paquete de autos de aceleración si no me equivoco porque no aparecen o hay que hacer algo para que aparezcan??????

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